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File sharing is the practice of providing distribution or access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (pages download, share mp3 files audio, images and videos, music file sharing), documents or e-books. File sharing can be obtained in many ways. Common methods of storage, transmission and scattering include manual sharing, use of removable media, centralized servers in computer networks, hyperlink documents based on the World Wide Web, and peer-to-peer distributed networks.

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Computing or the peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a distributed application architecture that has division work or workload between the parties. The companions are equally privileged, in the application, are equal participants, they are invited to create a peer network of a colleague of us.
Par is part of its capabilities, such as processing power, without the need for central coordination of disk storage or network bandwidth, servers or stable hosts, directly available to other network participants. Travel, traditional client-server unlike models are divided into resource consumption and supply, supplier and consumer resources. Emerging Collaborative System Partners P2P peer to peer file sharing features in-progress before the age share for the same things, and so there are several partners are looking for that can bring unique features and capabilities of a virtual community to them than engage in more activities to empower them- their peers, although it is beneficial for all partner
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Although the P2P system was previously used in various application domains, the architecture was popularized by Napster, the original file-sharing system, launched in 1999. This Sharing Programs concept has inspired new structures and philosophy in many areas of human contact. In such social contexts, Peer-to-Peer, as a meme, refers to egalitarian social networks that have emerged throughout society, which is generally enabled by internet technologies.

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